The CTIF 2023: A Remarkable Gathering of World Leaders

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The CTIF 2023: A Remarkable Gathering of World Leaders

The Commonwealth Trade and Investment Forum (CTIF 2023) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, held on September 13-14, 2023, in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh, brought together a remarkable gathering of world leaders, government officials, and business delegates. The event, hosted by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC), showcased the immense potential for trade and investment in both Bangladesh and across the entire Commonwealth.

CTIF 2023 opening with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, opened the forum, marking the participation of various Commonwealth Ministers who led delegations to the event. This gathering not only fostered international collaboration but also served as a platform for engaging in vital discussions on key Commonwealth trade and investment issues.

One of the highlights of the CTIF 2023 forum was the active involvement of Elisha Telecom as part of the UK delegation. Mr. Mike Torres, the Vice President for Asia Pacific of Elisha Telecom, took part in a roundtable talk on “Tech and Change: Commonwealth Innovation.” This discussion focused on the continued impact of new technologies on various sectors, after the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In today’s rapidly changing world, the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to disrupt traditional industries. Innovations such as artificial intelligence, fintech, and insurance are revolutionizing various industries. These changes represent exciting opportunities for businesses and governments to adapt, invest, and explore new markets.

Among the points of discussion during the session are how Commonwealth nations can collaborate to improve access to the Internet for Commonwealth citizens, thus bridging the digital divide; how AI is revolutionizing industries and how we should be aware of both its benefits and potential risks, such as job displacements; and how fintech has made a major impact in improving access to banking for third-world countries.

The Commonwealth Trade and Investment Forum in Dhaka provided an excellent platform for businesses to connect with leaders from both the private and public sectors. It served as a conduit for attracting investment, fostering partnerships, and identifying new export markets. Elisha Telecom’s participation in the event exemplified the commitment of companies to embrace innovation and collaborate on solutions for the evolving landscape of global business.