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The 5 top benefits of MS Office and Teams Integration

For more than four decades, the Microsoft Office Suite has supported business growth via apps that have become ubiquitous with productivity.

Constantly evolving with the demands of the modern economy, Microsoft 365 as it’s now known, delivers a cloud-based solution via a monthly subscription, making it more flexible and accessible from anywhere. Not to mention Microsoft Teams, which proved invaluable through the first few years of the 2020’s. 

But businesses still demand more, namely integrating Teams, and the rest of Microsoft’s Office Suite, into organisation’s wider operations to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and communications. 

This is especially key for Teams, which many businesses want to integrate further into its communications systems, not just for video calling, but for typical voice calls too.

Thankfully, it’s straightforward to integrate Microsoft Teams and the rest – with the right expertise of course – and the benefits can be significant! 

1.One app for all comms
By adopting Microsoft Direct Calling and Teams Phone – services that enable you to make ‘landline’ calls through teams, you can consolidate all your communication tools into a single platform. 
Then your users can make calls, hold meetings, share files and chat seamlessly within the same application, streamlining communication while enhancing productivity with less switching between apps. Adding new users, changing permissions and other management tasks also become easier too!

2. Robust Security and Compliance
As a ‘Silicon Valley giant’, Microsoft’s products adhere to robust security and compliance standards, leveraging industry-leading technology to keep its data, and yours, secure. These same technologies also ensure your communications are protected and reliably accessible. 

This is especially important for organisations that deal with sensitive information and need to comply with industry regulations, such as finance and retail businesses, with the right safeguards already in place.

3. Integration with External Phone Systems
If your business has already adopted a Unified Communication or Hosted Telephony platform like 8×8, Avaya, Ring Central or Elisha Telecom ETPBX, integration with Teams allows you to blend the two services, providing organisations with the flexibility and cost savings of working within existing phone infrastructure.

This makes the transition to Teams far smoother for businesses with diverse communication needs, such as Contact Centres, international organisations as well as start-ups that utilise Microsoft 365 and its broader suite of applications.

4. Data, AI and Automation advantages
At the other end of the spectrum, business that have adopted Microsoft 365 and more – such as Azure and Power BI data solutions – can ‘unsilo’, or combine the potential of their communications when viewed as part of a whole, alongside the rest of their business data,
creating the potential for more insightful reporting and a more accurate ‘birds eye view’ of productivity and performance over the entire operation.
Even for SMEs that don’t see a need for Azure and other Cloud Data systems, they can take advantage of Microsoft’s AI capabilities built into Teams, such as transcription services and voicemail-to-text. These dramatically reduce the need for humans to perform menial tasks and enhance efficiency by handling routine tasks, such as call routing.

5. Cost Savings
With the potential for reduced call costs, less platforms on monthly subscription, or simply getting more value from Microsoft 365 subscriptions, by integrating phone services directly into Microsoft Teams, organisations regularly see a reduction in the costs associated with maintaining their communication systems.

Plus, those upgrading from legacy ISDN-based PBX systems that require standalone physical phones on each desk, those business can save even more, removing the need for costly hardware and maintenance expenses.

Those same PBX systems may not even require being ripped out and replaced either! Many Teams-compatible systems can also work with existing SIP-based PBX or SIP Trunking solutions.

So, whether businesses currently leverage an on-premise or cloud-based PBX, Elisha Telecom can swiftly and seamlessly integrate a SIP-based PBX with Microsoft Teams in a matter of days.

If businesses are using a more modern UC, VoIP or CCaaS solution, integrating Teams could be even quicker than that, depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the solution, of course!

And no matter the underlying technology, Elisha Telecom will configure and maintain the integration at an affordable monthly cost per user.

Having provided enterprise-grade Cloud infrastructure with regional terminations for global capability, Elisha Telecom has the experience to guarantee 99.9% alongside Enterprise-grade SLAs and 24/7 System Technical Support.

If that’s the level of support and technical proficiency you’d like your business to enjoy, get in touch with our team today.