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Elisha Telecom and its Pioneering AI services in Comms Dealer

Elisha Telecom and its AI Services is featured in the October 2023 issue of Comms Dealer magazine. Comms Dealer magazine, the pioneering publication in the UK convergence channel, is an important resource for the comms and convergence community. Its expert team of journalists and channel specialists ensures readers stay informed about the latest developments in the ICT channel, including new opportunities and technologies and emerging market trends. The Comms Dealer website offers real-time news, comprehensive content, interviews, market analysis, and valuable insights. The article highlights the pivotal role of Elisha Telecom CEO, Jeff Green, in the transformation of contact centers through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Jeff Green, with a background in ICT, emphasizes the importance of AI integration rather than standalone AI tools. Elisha Telecom, established by Green and Mike Torres in 2006, has grown to serve both large end users in the Philippines and smaller UK businesses through resellers. Green recognizes that AI is not just about the tools but the seamless integration of AI services into business processes. Elisha Telecom’s latest offering, Elisha Insights, is an AI-based metrics solution designed to revolutionize contact center operations by harnessing data and AI-driven insights. Green acknowledges the evolving landscape of communication services, with a transition away from traditional desk phones towards softphones, WebRTC, and mobile devices. He places particular importance on MS Teams in this shift and ensures that his company adapts to these changing technologies. Green anticipates Elisha Telecom becoming a market leader in AI-generated metrics thanks to early adoption and the accumulation of priceless insights. He draws parallels between the potential of AI and the transformative impact of the microchip.