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Using AI to transform contact centre performance

Contact centres are under pressure. They’re tasked with improving customer experience while also keeping costs under control. Whether they focus on sales, after sales, customer service or payments, contact centres are often being asked to achieve more with less. One way they can square that circle is through the intelligent application of technology. In particular, modern AI tools allow contact centre leaders to scan mountains of data for valuable insight into customer satisfaction and agent or campaign performance. What’s the practical application of that? Well, before this kind of technology was available, team leaders in contact centres would download the recordings of a small percentage of customer interactions as a quality control measure. Listening to these recordings was a hugely time consuming and somewhat thankless task, but it allowed them to check on agent performance and customer sentiment, albeit in a very limited way. They could check that agents were remembering to read out statutory legal information, for example, or that customers were not being left on hold too long. This was useful-ish, but far from complete. It used a tiny subset of interactions which may or may not have been representative (and given random chance, probably not). But it was the best many contact centres could do with the time and technology they had. The AI revolution is coming to contact centres Compare that with today. Now, AI-powered tools can scan every interaction customers have with your organisation, checking them against a range of performance indicators like speed of resolution, upselling targets or the success of scripts. They can produce reports that clearly show whether you’re meeting targets and where weaknesses in your customer communications may lie. And it’s to harness the power of AI that we developed Elisha Insights, our AI-driven customer analytics platform that is designed to transform how contact centres operate. Elisha Insights offers a host of features already, but it’s a work in progress. We’ll continually add new capabilities to the solution as they become available. Elisha Insights includes: ● Sentiment analysis: Easily monitor the tone of conversations with your customers. Elisha Insights will look for words or phrases that suggest satisfaction or dissatisfaction. If customers are unhappy, it can tag interactions for further investigation. ● Omnichannel analysis: Elisha Insights accepts customer interactions from various sources, including email threads, chat, voice, and video transcripts, and supports multiple languages. ● Customisable performance indicators: Assess how your sales agents upsell to customers, track the resolution of technical support questions, analyse conflict handling, compare interactions against your script or call flow, and much more. ● Seamless integration: Elisha Insights is designed to be used with your current contact centre software and other IT solutions. We offer APIs and embeddable code snippets that facilitate rapid integration. The acceleration of innovation There are plenty of others, but suffice to say that Elisha Insights brings AI-driven tools to your contact centre in an easy and accessible way. Nor do you need expertise in using AI tools or interpreting their results. We carry out the analysis on your behalf, and you simply pay for the analysis you need. You can scale the service up and down to suit your requirements at any given time. At Elisha, we’ve been in the telecoms business for decades, starting right back when VoIP was new and connectivity was sometimes sketchy. We’ve seen so much progress in that time, but AI has the potential to be the most revolutionary innovation of all. These tools are already helping contact centres meet targets and create better customer experiences without piling on cost. With Elisha Insights, we are adopting AI early, and offering our clients and resellers an easy way to get ahead of the game.