Shaping the future of business interaction: AI-Powered Unified Communications

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Shaping the future of business interaction: AI-Powered Unified Communications

Business communications are changing, and not just in the number of channels businesses now need to integrate to effectively communicate with customers, colleagues and partners.

Unified Communications solutions have been touted as a major enabler of innovative business communications, but what exactly does it mean, how does Artificial Intelligence support that innovation, and what does that process entail?

Keep on reading to find out!

What is ‘Unified Communications’?

Unified Communications (or UC for short) is a major component to the future of communication services, amalgamating all your separate communication channels under one application, so your team only has one app for everything.



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Typically delivered via an app for laptops and mobile devices, UC solutions also enable robust and secure remote or hybrid working policies to be put in place, guaranteeing productivity while delivering a better work/life balance for employees.

Especially when combined with futureproof technologies, merging AI, 5G and UC, for example, businesses have the perfect foundations to build innovative new experiences for customers and ensure the highest satisfaction rates, hopefully increasing the chances of customers returning for additional purchases too!

The Role of AI in Unified Communications

AI trends are everywhere, from content creation to stock trading, helping automate and enhance processes, just like in the telecoms industry. AI in communication solutions can help businesses do more with less, while providing rich insights into performance to help businesses improve processes even further!

AI-powered UC solutions provide more value by enhancing collaboration tools and ingesting massive volumes of interaction information to help surface insights that would be indecipherable otherwise!

Minimise incoming calls by delivering automated responses – via websites and voice calls – to common issues and questions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Natural Language Processing essentially means automated listening and transcription – enabling AIs to listen to callers’ needs (like in the next example) as well as collate everything that’s said across all of a business’ calls, to help identify areas for improvement.

Voice recognition
Prioritise calls and ensure they’re directed to the right department, which is sometimes called ‘Automatic Customer Interaction Classification’ reducing transfer volumes and increasing first-time resolutions.

Further Benefits of AI-Powered Unified Communications

Data Analysis from Multiple Sources and Languages
Once NLP is in place, contact centres can deploy sentiment analysis, trawling that massive volume of conversations to highlight common phrases and keywords. Whether positive or negative, the results help decision-makers know what works and what isn’t and where to reallocate resources for the greatest impact.

Customisable Performance Indicators
Contact centres can better assess performance of individual team members (and teams on the whole) with KPIs updated in real-time, from call lengths to wait-times, satisfaction scores to sale success rates, ensuring managers and staff can all see how they’re doing in the given moment.

AI Analytics - Elisha Insights

Privacy Protection
AI is also really good at keeping sensitive information anonymous, whether via encryption or other forms of anonymisation, ensuring biases don’t work their way into reporting or staff surveys for example.

But Ai isn’t without its challenges, from creating Machine Learning engines in the first place to identifying regional variances in pronunciation and vocabulary, even ensuring AI-powered decision making doesn’t take a drastic turn and send callers down an incorrect calling journey!

So, if you want AI to help as much as possible, rather than hinder, Elisha Telecom can take all the complications away and develop the automated processes that help your team do more with less.

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