Microsoft Teams Integration: Simplified Unified Communications Now

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Microsoft Teams Integration: Simplified Unified Communications Now

With Elisha Telecom’s Teams Integration Module, any SIP-compliant IP-PBX can transform into a unified communications system through seamless Microsoft Teams Integration.

In 2006, Elisha Telecom introduced the groundbreaking ETPBX Manage PBX Platform, setting the standard for customizable and fully managed hosted PBX systems. As a fully managed PBX platform, Elisha Telecom goes above and beyond to make sure the system fits the needs of each client. We do this by integrating it with third-party systems like CRM and ERP and using a proven open-source cloud-based backend to ensure uptime and reliability. With Elisha Telecom’s fully managed PBX, clients can relax knowing that our team will handle all technical aspects, negating the need for in-house technical expertise.

Beyond traditional telephony, ETPBX offers comprehensive unified communications capabilities, seamlessly integrating with various communication channels, including email, video calling, instant messaging, and more. In line with new technology, ETPBX also lets you connect to engines that use artificial intelligence. These engines can do things like speech-to-text, text-to-speech, sentiment analysis, AI-driven chat and conversation features, and generative AI analytics.

ETPBX: Seamless Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams, a collaborative platform within the Microsoft Office 365 suite, empowers organisations to communicate and collaborate using tools like instant messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing. While Microsoft Teams is widely embraced for enhancing teamwork, one often underestimated feature is its potential to integrate with traditional telephony through VoIP integration. This integration, however, typically presents significant technical challenges as well as substantial financial, time, and resource investments.

Elisha Telecom’s ETPBX fully-managed UC Platform eliminates these hurdles, making the integration of Microsoft Teams with traditional telephony smooth and instant. Your organization’s employees can utilise Microsoft Teams across their desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones to effortlessly make and receive calls worldwide through the company’s official telephony channels.

ETPBX effortlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, delivering a genuinely unified communications channel seamlessly connected with Microsoft Office, the globally recognised office suite.

VOIP PBX: Microsoft Teams Integration

For organisations seeking to leverage their existing VoIP PBX system, Elisha Telecom extends its technical expertise and enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure to facilitate integration with Microsoft Teams. The Elisha Telecom Teams Integration Module (TIM) acts as middleware, simplifying the connection of any SIP-compliant VoIP PBX with Microsoft Teams. This enables MS Teams users, irrespective of their global location, to make and receive calls through the VoIP PBX system.

Our VoIP engineers can configure the Teams Integration Module in a matter of days, not weeks, ensuring a swift and efficient integration process.

Why choose Elisha Telecom’s Teams Integration Module?

  • No technical training or hardware investments are required; Elisha Telecom handles the configuration and maintenance of the integration.
  • Cost-effective monthly pricing per user with the Teams Integration Module.
  • Real-time scalability: Easily add, edit, or remove users as needed.
  • Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with global reach
  • 24/7 System Technical Support

System Requirements:

  • SIP-compliant VoIP PBX system (any brand) with Internet access enabled
  • Office 365 accounts

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