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Business communication challenges that can be simply solved in 2024

As businesses up and down the country look to reenergise and capitalise on New Year opportunities, we wanted to highlight some of the most common communication challenges that we’ve heard from businesses looking to us for support.

From finding actionable insights and optimising internal operations to developing a unique customer experience, properly integrating technology into business processes is the greatest enabler of business success in 2024 and beyond – here’s how.

How to improve the customer experience

For the best possible Customer Experience (CX) you need the right foundational communication services, which will most likely be a Unified Communications (UC) platform, that’s hosted in the cloud.

Not only will a hosted telephony solution enable your business to introduce hybrid working, but it will also enable your teams to put all their comms – email, instant messaging, phone, video and more – in one place, for more responsive communications and better overall productivity.

Plus, certain providers, such as Elisha Telecom, can work with you to develop custom features that put you ahead of the competition.

For example, AA Thornton, a leading intellectual property law firm, tasked us to integrate Microsoft Teams with their ETPBX hosted telephony platform.

This integration provided the customer with a unified platform for calls, messaging, and video conferencing, allowing the organisation to significantly streamline internal communication processes across offices and locations.

It’s also worth emphasising that introducing hybrid working can have a significantly positive impact on your customer interactions. As agents have more control over their work/life balance and can work from where they’re most comfortable, they’ll be more relaxed and happier, which will have a trickle-down effect to your customers too! You could even help your agents deliver even better experiences by exploring system integrations that help them optimise their productivity even further…

Maximising efficiency with integrations

Integrations, also known as ‘APIs’ in some circles, help different systems talk to each other.

For example, adding a CRM integration into your UC platform will mean all agents can check customer and product information seamlessly, without the hassle of changing applications and navigating multiple systems!

Integrations can encompass other business aspects like:

  • Want to start taking secure payments over the phone? PCI integrations can make it a reality.
    • Use Microsoft Teams for internal comms? Integrate those within your UC system as well.
    • Project Management apps could also be integrated for managers to keep tasks ticking over.
    • Payroll, HR, fleet tracking and plenty of other operational aspects, too – depending on your business.

By integrating your various systems, your team can focus on one app for most-if-not-all their day-to-day tasks, maximising productivity and reducing operational complexity, while removing some training requirements for even more time saved!

Surfacing actionable business insights

Finally, businesses need to be able to take a bird’s eye view of their operation and customer interactions, to help highlight the short and long-term challenges faced by staff and customers alike.

Thankfully, Elisha Telecom’ ‘Elisha Insights’ solution does just that by ingesting all necessary data and processing it through advanced AI algorithms to surface common phrases and issues mentioned on calls.

All data is entirely anonymised before it’s processed, meaning there’s no GDPR implications or worries around data security, and it’s entirely flexible to what a business wants to dig into; common customer complaints, customer sentiment, agent productivity, peak demand and resourcing etc. – so no matter where a business thinks it could improve, Elisha Insights’ will stay loser-focused on that aspect alone.

With these foundational technologies and processes in place, businesses can take an honest look at their operations, find ways to improve and provide their teams with the tools they need to succeed and continue to improve long into the future.

So, if you want your business to start 2024 off in the best way possible and overcome its business communication challenges, call 020 7100 1114 or click here to book a time to chat to one of our expert team!