Customer Service AI Analytics

Customer Service AI Analytics

Elisha Insights utilises Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time evaluation of customer service interactions for your business. Leveraging the latest advancements in Generative AI, Large Language Models and Natural Language Processing, Elisha Insights is the most sophisticated customer service analytics platform available in the market today.

AI Analytics - Elisha Insights

Data Analysis from Multiple Sources and Languages

Elisha Insights accepts customer interactions from various sources, including email threads, chat, voice, and video transcripts, and supports multiple languages. Our default Speech-to-Text engine can automatically detect over 50 languages, and optional third-party integrations can extend this to over 120 languages and dialects.

Automatic Customer Interaction Classification

Define categories for customer interactions effortlessly, and let Elisha Insights automatically classify them. With built-in sentiment analysis, you can easily monitor the tone of conversations with your customers.

Customisable Performance Indicators

Clients can tailor Elisha Insights to their preferred set of performance metrics and modify them as needed. Assess how your sales agents upsell to customers, track the resolution of technical support questions, analyse conflict handling, compare interactions against your script or call flow, and much more.

Privacy Protection

Built-in Personal Identifiable Information (PII) filtering ensures the security of your customers’ privacy. Additionally, by default, Elisha Insights does not keep or record any transcripts or recordings that it analyses.

Use with Your Existing Systems

Elisha Insights is designed for seamless integration with your current IT systems. We offer APIs and embeddable code snippets that facilitate rapid integration.

Pay per Analysis

Pay for only the transcripts we analyse, allowing you to scale up or down knowing your costs will follow suit. Charges are based on per minute of recording or per page of text (500 words) sent for analysis.

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