eData Services

eData Services

eData Services

Installing an Asterisk based IP PBX system with call centre features


eData Services is an American owned and operated information management and transcription company established in 2000. They provide services that include medical and legal transcription, record review and excerpting, data entry, software development and a help desk specializing in processing complex data from documents in the medical, legal, insurance, and accounting professions. Inbound and outbound calls are restricted to the USA only so they needed to have a phone system which enables them to call to the US at the lowest possible cost.


eData Services Philippines requires an Asterisk based IP PBX system and install call centre features such as call recording, hunt groups, whisper, barge, call monitoring, and detailed call reporting and analytics.

The new Asterisk system needs a facility for recording calls and the recordings will be placed on the Asterisk server. Phones are needed to be provisioned via FTP and configured.


The server was installed and configured to connect to a USA based VoIP provider for SIP termination. Inbound calls were routed to call queues and extensions according to a schedule predefined by eData Services based on the recognition of the CLI and IVR responses.

The PBX was configured to use Elisha Telecom as a secondary provider for SIP termination. Call features like call queuing, call recording, call detail records (CDRs), caller IDs, find me/follow me and call reporting were also configured.

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