Open Source is Not About Saving Money

Open Source is Not About Saving Money

Open Source is Not About Saving Money

More companies today are moving to Open Source Technology. In a recent study posted on, “78% of organizations run part or all of their operations using open source software.” This is a notable shift in the industry as it is twice the number of organizations compared to 2010. DB-Engines, a ranking website, even mentioned that “6 of the top 10 databases are open source, and the top 8 non-relational technologies are also open source.”

What makes this shift from proprietary software to Open Source so attractive? Is “cost” the primary factor? Open source is free: “there is no need to pay per server, per core or per user license fees.”

Believe it or not, money is not the main reason why companies are choosing Open Source. Most companies agree that Open Source is cost-effective, but it does not end there. “Vendors can acquire and build on the code” as mentioned in Open Source is about making good business decisions.

With Open Source, a developer builds on a platform where compatibility is not an issue. Should a company partner with another business, each system can support each other flawlessly. What makes Open Source a good business choice is because it is possible for other developers to “make their own contributions that improve the quality of the project.”

Most businesses today have taken advantage of Open Source for communication. Asterisk, a free and Open Source framework for building communication applications, has been widely used by some of the most significant companies worldwide. Apple uses Open Source Digital Speech Decoder (DSD) and Android is based on Linux. With executives and staff working remotely, Asterisk is the best solution to effect and secure corporate communications. Mobile devices as well as other third party mobile applications are now part of this unified communications network.

A large part of the market is already powered by Asterisk. Some corporations have even opted to subscribe to a Managed IP PBX Service to ensure business continuity in the event of a local service outage and minimize capital expenditure. Availability, stability and constant improvement place Asterisk at the cutting edge when compared to other platforms. This is why Asterisk is the preferred choice for businesses.



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