Setting up businesses with IP PBX systems has become easier with open source software, since it can be tailored to fit to the needs of the business.

Open source software is software that can be freely modified, shared, used and downloaded by the public. It is free; there is no proprietary lock in, and no renewal or license fees.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Open source:

Open Source is Economical
Recently, a lot of companies choose open source over proprietary software for their telephony systems simply because open source costs less. These are usually small and medium-sized companies with relatively smaller profit compared to large companies and want to keep their expenses down.

Open source gives their communication systems efficiency and at the same time, give value to their expenses. Open source is free so businesses would never have to worry about license fees and renewal fees.

Open Source gives you a choice
A lot of proprietary hardware usually runs on the same brand of proprietary software. Open source software gives the user a choice on which brand of hardware to use. There are a lot of hardware manufacturers in the market that makes affordable hardware but gives the same quality as proprietary.

The user can mix any brand they prefer and at the same time consider the price and quality of the hardware.

Open Source is secure and auditable
Open source is peer-viewed by a community of developers so any defect or bug that is discovered in the source code would be immediately fixed. This is a continuous process and the end-user doesn’t need to worry about updates since it is always available for download.

Since the source code is available publicly, anyone can examine it anytime deterring malicious attacks as soon as they appear.

Open source is flexible and promotes continuity
Users can use the software as is or add more solutions depending on what they need. This is suitable for growing businesses that need to adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

The user can freely modify the software and add the features that they need as well as disable features that they don’t making it an efficient communication platform.

Open source is scalable
Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business or a large corporation, Open source is a viable option. Unlike proprietary software which usually limits the use and installation of a copy from one to a few users, Open source can be used by a whole organization. This minimises cost as you don’t have to purchase copies of the software for everyone.


Indeed, Open Source’s popularity is booming because it gives businesses the freedom to customise, fix and optimise their IP PBX system to suit their requirements and provides them the flexibility that they need.

Asterisk, the premier open source telephony software, is used to build enterprise phone systems (IP PBXs). It is the dominant solution for call centres and carrier networks. Asterisk enables Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and bespoke modifications to the core application and can be programmed to match the needs of any business.

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