Mobile Phone Usage Today

Mobile Phone Usage Today

Mobile Phone Usage Today

Mobile usage back 2007 was very low. If you look at the numbers back in 2017, mobile users appear to be on a desktop three times as much as on a mobile phone. By 2014, there are equal numbers of mobile and desktop users. Today, there are more business mobile users than desktop users and the margins are increasing.

Below are some of the noticeable changes on mobile usage today:

Going Online: Even through most website visits show that they are accessed on a desktop, recent studies online points out that mobile devices are the most common tools used to go online. In fact, 51% of users access the internet via a mobile device.

Search: Back then, most people search for information through the bulky office computers. With mobile connections being more reliable – and with more people on the field, users today are now utilizing mobile phones for research that complements those working on-the-go. Recent studies show an 11% difference between the usage of Desktops and Mobile devices.

Time Consumed: Mobile users are using their devices 90% of the time to use apps with an average of 30 hours spent monthly; mobile web browsers at 10% at an average of 4 hours monthly. Most people access the internet via a PC during working hours; mobile phones during the day; tablets at night.

Business: According to Litmus Email Analytics as of March 2016, more emails are on Mobile devices than on desktop email clients. If we are to look at how emails are opened, 55% of which are opened on a mobile device. Similar to Litmus, Kahuna “The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index” (Q1 2016) states that majority of emails are opened on a mobile device. Q1 of 2016 show that 86% of emails were opened on a mobile device. In the UK alone, email statistics regarding how users initially read their emails are as follows: 27% Webmail, 55% Mobile, 18% Desktop.


With the change from desktop to mobile, a shift in marketing strategies around the world has taken effect. In the US, new analytics show that mobile ad spending is expected to double its number from 2015 (28.7B USD) to 2017 (57.7B USD). These emerging changes in mobile user behavior has taken its toll on corporate mobile spending and it is expected to increase for the years to come.



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