Maximizing Your Analog Phones

Maximizing Your Analog Phones

2016-MaximizingAnalogPhonesBefore the internet revolutionized the industry and became the center of efficient communication processes, a lot of companies have invested in analog phones. Today, we face the challenge of making sure that a company’s infrastructure is ready to take on new and reliable technology.

As we all know, analog phones are not designed to accommodate conference calls with multiple attendees or even Skype calls. With Skype and other CRMs becoming a significant part of a corporate communication’s infrastructure, businesses have chosen to migrate to VOIP. With complex communication systems gaining more attention, most companies now see the limitation of analog phones very clearly.

Anyone would agree that that migrating to IP phones from analog phones cannot just happen over the weekend. Thus, the gateway was introduced in order to convert the analog signals to IP signals to that the IP PBX can be integrated into the upgraded process.

Some companies have utilized the process of converting from PABX Systems to an IP PBX System through several phases. For example, the Head office can utilize the new IP phones and the IP PBX. Analog phones on the smaller, or regional offices, can keep the analog phones and uses a gateway. Eventually all offices switch to the IP PBX system. This kind of process not only accommodates the allotted budget for its infrastructure but it also maximizes the analog phones that are still in good condition.

What makes VoIP under an Open Source Platform different from other systems is that it understands that most companies are ready to shift to better technology. Although some key decision makers may have deep concerns of replacing all their previous equipment altogether, the Gateway becomes the best tool which maximizes investment on the previous infrastructure.



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