Making life-work integration easy with VoIP

Making life-work integration easy with VoIP

Layout - Work Life Integ Made Easy with VoIPTraditionally, companies allow their employees work in offices, providing them their own desk, computer, laptop and phones. Employees are directed to attend work 9 to 5, but most of the time the workforce would leave work as late as 11:00 pm due to heavy workload. However, employees are now faced with the challenge of going home, walking at the dark streets and alleys, getting paranoid whether it is safe home. Imagine doing this daily or maybe even twice a week. Isn’t this exhausting?

Nowadays, several corporations allow their employees to work from home, working in their jammies beside a hot cup of coffee.  The idea sounds great but is this advantageous to the company or even effective and efficient?

This is possible through VoIP.

These companies that allow this kind of process have adapted telephony integration (or even the Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) that includes leveraging their smart phones as an extension of their office system. VoIP lets users work remotely since the system is in the cloud. Information is easily accessed with just a firm internet connection. VoIP enables real time collaboration that makes work on point relevant. Even in the comforts of their own home, employees can still be as effective or even more efficient because of they are at relaxed environment. This promotes work-life balance.

VoIP makes work and life easier for everyone. Elisha Telecom believes that a happier work force produces more effective employees.

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