Why Do Schools Need An IP PBX SYSTEM?

Why Do Schools Need An IP PBX SYSTEM?


Why Do Schools Need An IP PBX System

 Why Do Schools Need an IP PBX System?

1. An IP PBX System has an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that is equipped to handle calls especially outside office / school hours.

2. The IP PBX System provides a reliable service that helps teachers contact parents immediately.

3. Parents or relatives residing abroad can watch intramurals, plays, graduation, and other school events through online streaming.

4. The IP PBX System can be easily integrated in the eSchool / Online Education Program for students and teachers to use.

5. School Administrators can now handle large call volumes with ease especially during enrollment, graduation, or the monsoon season.

6. Cut costs on operating expenses as IP PBX with an Open Source Framework would not require annual license fees.

7. Contacting other campuses is free of charge.

8. International Schools can contact respective departments for their Exchange Students Program.


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