The Importance of Analyzing Your VoIP Bandwidth Requirement

The Importance of Analyzing Your VoIP Bandwidth Requirement

2016-02ElishaTelecomBandwidthMany companies today continue to have issues even years after they switch from the plain old telephone systems – POTS, to VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. From our experience for the last decade in providing services across the globe, the common issues that companies still encounter are: (1) poor sound quality, (2) phone service unavailability, and (3) the huge amount of dropped calls.

Any business would want to make sure that internal and external communication remain uninterrupted and clear. Some deals are on the line and a faulty communication system can mean loss in revenue.

In one of the articles we have shared recently on our social media accounts, highlights the importance of making sure you get a sound estimate of your company’s requirements. As VoIP is being implemented in a growing company, it is essential that we remember that the bandwidth requirement also grows. We must also take into consideration that having excessive bandwidth than necessary may incur unnecessary expenses.

Constantly analyzing your VoIP bandwidth requirement as your company’s grows is essential. Factors such as the number of line extensions, the amount of concurrent calls, video conference calls and incoming calls are just some of the view things that any company should consider. As says, “VoIP quality is a top priority for organizations making the switch to IP-based telephony. By using a varied approach to ensuring QoS post-implementation, organizations can ensure sufficient bandwidth.”



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