10 Jobs That Allow You To Work From Home

10 Jobs That Allow You To Work From Home

10 Jobs That Allow You To Work From Home

With VoIP dominating most industries today, companies are now more flexible when it comes to their employees’ working schedules.

“Some of our partner companies now provide the flexibility for their employees to work-from-home. This benefits not only the employer but the employee as well who doesn’t have to get stuck in heavy traffic,” says Mr. Lester Tagudar, Executive Recruiter Team Leader, of i21Recruitment.

“With an option to work from home, newly hired employees are seen to report for work on time. With employees working at the comfort of their own homes, and with the right training, our partner companies have seen a significant increase in productivity,” Mr. Tagudar adds.

Companies on Hosted PBX Systems allow employees to hook up to the corporate infrastructure even if they are not on the office’s premises. Whether they are on a desktop, a laptop or on any mobile device, employees can now work remotely.

To see how Hosted PBX Systems affected how people work today, we have listed down 10 Jobs that allow employees to work from home:

Virtual Assistants

Some companies are not that big enough to hire a permanent employee. As such, a lot of opportunities have come up for this career – and not to mention that some companies pay really well. Homewiththekids.com actually became famous for their business structure.

Technical Advisors

Companies such as Apple currently hires Technical Advisors that work from their own home. Jetblue and even Coca-Cola also has remote technical employees in their corporate structure that even handle some of their big clients.

Advertising and Marketing Managers

Not all the big ideas come in during the typical office hours – and most companies today recognize that. As such, you would find Advertising Agencies that allow Advertising and Marketing Managers working under flexible schedules.

Content Writers

Similar to Advertising and Marketing Managers, content writers do not need their full commitment to be at the office. Some writers even produce more content if they are at a location that is more conducive for what they do: at home, at a coffee shop, or at a tourist destination. With a deadline and a style guide to follow, they are always ready to deliver.

Sales Agents

BPOs across the globe have offered Telesales Roles with a work from home option. Employees who are pregnant, sick, or recovering from a minor accident are usually the people who benefit from VoIP Technology. Work From Home Option works well for companies based on cities that experience extreme weather conditions.

Web Developers

Web-developers are now in demand and this comes in at a per project basis. Most web-developers prefer a remote woking option. For freelancers, this makes them make the most of their time – and what they can do. oDesk.com has been flocked by freelance developers lately who are willing to work at the comfort of their own home.


This is one career that does not demand your physical presence at work. Some companies are results-based and being a researcher is just about that.

Recruitment Coordinators

Most industries today come up with new jobs and even recruiters are now found working from home. It is quite beneficial and more convenient as this option allows recruiters to attend more events based on their location and gather more leads.

Executive Roles: CEO, Director

With CEOs and Directors always on-the-go, it is in their nature to work remotely. We have talked about life-integration on our previous blog and key decision makers are the best people that maximizes this option.

Architects and Engineers

Some firms have hired off-shore, work-at-home Architects and Engineers who can do their job in their home office – where they are most comfortable. At the end of the day, the quality of work is actually evaluated and not by how often they are seen at the office.








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