About Us

Since its founding in 2006, Elisha Telecom has been at the forefront of fully-managed PBX solutions worldwide, integrating communication systems to suit clients’ needs. As it continues to be the leading authority in open source telephony and unified communications, the Elisha Team headquartered in London with support offices in the Philippines, continue to grow from strength to strength to offer clients only the best and updated service. Elisha Telecom’s client-centric philosophy delivers to clients in different parts of the world its belief that businesses’ communication in today’s world should be smart, updated, secure and customizable at low costs.

Elisha Telecom’s Fully Managed PBX (ETPBX) is an ideal VOIP solution for small to medium-sized businesses, especially BPO and call center companies, as it allows customization without incurring large capital expenditures or internal technical know-how. ETPBX lets users experience flexibility in communication using enterprise-grade phone systems. ETPBX as a technology solution efficiently and effectively integrates different communication systems and applications to maximize function and service. This allows users to subscribe only to the features they value and need, hence cutting costs significantly versus having a traditional PBX system, which is costly and difficult to upgrade.